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The luxury of simpleness 

Mauritius is known to be a little piece of paradise in the Indian Ocean. The island has some unique attributes which make it one of the most serene places on Earth to live. From amazing climate all year long, secure lagoons, rich and preserved ecosystems, and a peaceful multicultural population, we've got it all!

The island is the perfect destination to experience slow-life living, focusing on what matters the most for a meaningful and well-lived life. 

StayMauritius aim is to enable the most effective and efficient adoption of this fine lifestyle to you.


Personal Concierge

Through StayMauritius, you will be paired with a dedicated Local Expert, a well-connected and passionate Mauritian, who will always be reachable to you to facilitate the adoption and operations of your finest Mauritian way of life. 


Dynamic & developed Economy

The island of Mauritius is internationally recognized for its economic miracle since its independence from Great Britain in 1968. Mauritians effectively diversified the economy and brought prosperity to the country. The island is today one of the most developed economies of Africa with great infrastructure, dynamic retail, and a proper business ecosystem. 


Beach Resorts

The journey is not complete if you do not include the finest private beaches and resorts in the world that Mauritius offers. This is why we partnered with LUX* Resorts & Hotels, who offer some of the best 5 stars hotel experience in the region around the island to give you unlimited access as well as exclusive discounts during your stay.



Island and tropical are two attributes which make the local food fresh, diverse, healthy and affordable. Your local diet will benefit from tasteful fish (Marlin, Tuna, Dorado, etc.) , seafood (Lobsters, Shrimps, etc.), vegetables (Cabbages, Cassava, Pumpkin, Spinach, etc.) or fruits (Litchis, Pineaples, Mangos, etc.).


With private local cooks in their villas, one can be delighted everyday. 



With nine 18-hole and four 9-hole golf courses, one will have plenty of chances to perfect his swing in some of the most mesmerizing environments. 

Each year, the biggest golf rendezvous of the island is the Afrasia Bank Mauritius Open, the first-ever tri-sanctioned golf tournament endorsed by the Sunshine, European and Asian Tours, all of whom are founding members of the International Federation of PGA Tours. 



Protected by coral reefs, the turquose Mauritian lagoons are most than ideal spaces for pleasure crafts. Whether one is looking for the perfect combination of me-time and sport through kayaking or for the most precious gatherings with loved ones on a catamaran, the Mauritian lagoon will feel like a giant natural pool.



Immerse into the tropical forests and biodiversity of Mauritius. Whether through the conquest of mountain peaks, waterfall swims, or simple hikes, one will be effectively reconnecting with Mother Nature. 


Kite & Wind Surfing

For those looking for some rush and extreme sensations, kitesurfing and windsurfing are some of the most fun activities on the island. Throughout the months of April until the end of November, the island benefits from reliably strong and consistent South-east trade winds blowing at about 15-25 knots. The rest of the year the winds drop off, leaving a lighter but still appreciable breeze. This enables Mauritius to offer great kite and windsurfing conditions all year round and for any skill level. Most playgrounds are located in the South and East, with some famous spots such as Le Morne, One Eye, Pointe d'Esny, and Palmar.

Copie de LNMA - Spa - 4 _1860x1242.jpg


The Mauritian legendary hospitality deeply understands the importance of wellness, and alignment  of body and mind. This translates into a very comprehensive spa offering around the island. Whether one is looking for ancentral therapies or the most modern techniques, one will be sure to find his seeked-wellness. 

Some famous spa brands such as Cinq Mondes Spa, THEMAE, and One&Only are also present on the island. 


Tropical Climate

The country enjoys a mild tropical maritime climate with average temperature of 22°C (including nightime) throughout the year. There are two seasons, a relatively warm and humid summer from November to May and a cooler, dry winter from June to October. 

With such climate, all you need  are tongues, swim wear, shorts and tee shirts! 



The Mauritian culture is a rich blend of several cultures from its history, as well as individual culture arising indigenously. Traveling around the island you get to experience first hand its Asian, European, and African influences, whether through architecture, religious celebrations or simply by interacting with the population. This combination is quite unique and a very insipirinig social case study. 


World Class Healthcare

We believe health care is one of the most important component of a proper lifestyle. This is why we partnered with C-Care for our clients. C-Care is the holding company of Clinique Darné, Wellkin Hospital, C-Care Clinic, and C-Lab. They deliver world class healthcare services to their patients. Their brand identity consolidates their ambition of creating a whole ecosystem that favors the welfare of the patients and the medical team and is also meant to inspire their teams to keep surpassing themselves in the interest of better healthcare.


Emergency Number:

Clinique Darné - 118  

Wellkin Hospital - 132

Contact Number:

Clinique Darné - 601 2300

Wellkin Hospital - 605 1000

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