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Remote Working

The finest office

The recent pandemic enabled new opportunities for professionals who are able to remote work. These professionals can now work from nearly anywhere in the world benefiting from immense lifestyle perks. 

Mauritius is today one of the most ideal destination for English or french speaking professionals wishing to benefit from extraordinary lifestyle conditions without sacrificing on their productivity. Through its services, StayMauritius aims at facilitating this project for those looking for the finest remote working conditions. 


Home Office

We understand the need for a properly optimized office desk in order to not compromise on productivity. Our team will ensure we set up the optimal office for you according to your specific work needs and lifestyle objectives. 


Premium Visa

In 2020 Mauritius introduced the Premium Visa. This visa has been conceived with a nomadic lifestyle in mind. It enables its holder, a remote worker or retiree, to spend up to a year in Mauritius (renewable). 


Internet Facilities

Internet infrastructure in Mauritius is very well developed. We benefit from high speed fiber optics connexions throughout the island and in all of StayMauritius accommodations. Download speed is up to 100 Mbps and upload up to 40 Mpbs.


Business environment / facilities

The island is known to be one of Africa's most dynamic economies. Being a diverse and multicultural nation of 1.2 million people, Mauritius has very stable governance. The country is renowned for its ease of doing business and its ideal position as a gateway to the African continent. 


Ultimate working environment: LUX* Resorts

Experience the ultimate productive ecosystem setting, through our partnership with The LUX Collective representing LUX* Resorts and Hotels, Tamassa and Salt.. You will have access to newly conceived coworking spaces. Check-in at the hotels, settle down at your dedicated desk with all the office facilities needed, all while enjoying one of life’s simple pleasures that is coffee from their very own Cafe LUX*Coupled with the resort's facilities such as their signature restaurants, spa or beach, stress will effectively no longer be associated with work. 


Co-Working: The Hive

The Hive offers well-equipped and flexible coworking spaces around the island. Anything you may need for your enhanced productivity is at your disposal: coworking spaces, meeting rooms, day use offices, a unique coffee blend, shared facilities (free parking, printing, kitchenette…) and a strong community of entrepreneurs. Cherry on the cake, they recently partnered with SUN Resorts to create the Business Suites by THE HIVE, as well as an Exclusive Coworking concept, available for now at La Pirogue.

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